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2012/07/02 (Mon) 01:18
Finding the Best Cloud Storage You Can Have

It is not easy to find the best cloud storage provider. You can determine the best provider by the feedback and comments of some users who experience to get the services of the cloud provider they entrust. For practicality, we can mention some services that made them the best such as speed, dependability, security and users friendly.

Among the top is the JustCloud. This cloud storage and online backup provider offer free account with unlimited storage and fast download/upload. This can be accessible anywhere and anytime. It is also a lifetime backup, quick and easy to install.


Second is the ZipCloud site which is capable of the best features and other data storage providers. It is unlimited storage and very easy to use. You can store music and share to your friends and family. CDs is no longer necessary because all your files can be stored here easily.

Third is the MyPCBackup that can upload fast speed and easy to understand features. All your files when stored are encrypted and secured. This is easy to use by installing the application. This backup is always updated, and the moment you have a new computer you have no problem in downloading your files.

The Sugarsync’s that feature Universal sync platform. This has the function to sync data and to share and access data via the cloud. Files have no chance to disappear and transfer and store securely. Easy upload photos and music files.

Dropbox is cloud storage, but cannot automatically backup your computer file, but you have to drag files into a folder.

Mozy is another online storage that stores files of all sizes and shapes. You can view also you file at any mobile devices and tablets.

Livedrive is one of the most affordable cloud backup online. It can store pictures, music and even video streaming.

These are the list of cloud backup provider which you can choose. There are lots available in the internet, but you can choose the top cloud storage that fit your needs.

Topic : website management - Genre : Computer/Internet

2012/07/02 (Mon) 01:13
Free Online Backup is Working Best for You

Data loss of our computer happens when the failure of the system occurs. We don’t know when it will happen until we scratch our head after finding out that all data in your hard disk is lost due to hard disk failure. This is unpredictable and you have to anticipate this occurrence that all your files are stored in a backup’s storage.


We have cloud storage that can provide our file to be stored in there. However, there will be monthly fee in storing our back up file. It might be costly for us as such; we have to look for free online backup.

Here are some free online storage that offers more than 10GB space:

Windows Live SkyDrive

This can provide a free 25 GB storage space to all users. You don’t need any more installing a desktop client. You just drag and drop files into the folders. It is up to your preference whether you have to privately protect your folder with password or share it publicly.


This offers 2GB free storage. All you have to do is sign up in their site and you will be redirected to a confirmation and referral page. There will be no expiry on the use of this free storage.


This offers a 10GB online storage. The free storage is split into two parts, the 5GB media files where you store your photos, videos, and music, while the rest 5GB for non-media files.


This offers 10GB free online storage for all files. You can share your folders to your friends and your family and send email using the Binfire account.

The above free online storage has each own strong suites. Such as for the IDrive which has backing up data to be roaring fast, the Windows Skydrive is a Google Dos Killer, the humyo with its media storage. These are offered free, and you can utilize this to store your back up files. Although, there are features that are not used in free online backups as compared to backup storage with monthly subscription, but as for the moment you can store all important documents for free especially if you don’t have enough money to invest such storage that needs payment.

Topic : website management - Genre : Computer/Internet

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